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As a music professional based in Dubai, Claudia  is always looking for opportunities to develop her technical skills and collaborate with creative professionals. She has already worked on several groundbreaking projects such as Dubai Expo 2020 & The Fridge and continues to push herself to stretch her musical boundaries. If you’d like to learn more about her inspirations, interests, or past work, get in touch today.



Music Credentials



Sept 2014 Till date 

Claudia is a  Guitar, Bass & Ukulele teacher with 10+ years of experience in music instruction and music history teaching. At Classic Music and Arts Institute in Oman, she planned and taught curriculums for elementary and high school students preparing them for the Trinity College of London and London College of Music Examination Boards with a 100% pass rate. She developed a DJ course for beginners, and a guitar ensemble as well as organizing a variety of school performances.



November 2008 till date

Claudia was selected to be part of Sonantas Habanera Guitar Orchestra rights after her graduation from The conservatoire of Music in Havana Cuba under the direction of Maestro Jesus Ortega from 2008 to 2013. In 2010 she starts her career as a folk musician working as a guitarist and bassist with several Cuban songwriters, In November 2013 Claudia began her journey with the well-renowned and unique Salsa Band "Caribe Girls", which is one of the most popular Salsa Orchestras in  Cuba and Latino America. In 2014 Claudia moved to Oman and became the musical director of the band 'PULSE AND SOUL' along with the versatile singer & lyricist Thanae. 



April 2012 - March 2023

2012: Claudia recorded with the guitar orchestra Sonantas Habaneras a double album. "Cuban Landscape with Sonantas" & Stamp Hummingbird, at Abdala studios, on the same year she recorded the Bass for the Independent album "Pueblo Without Law", at The Cuartico Records Studio, Havana Cuba Havana Cuba.

​2016: Recording the album "Between 2 Doors" with Thanae "Pulse & Soul" at the Pepe Ordaz Studios as Bass Player & did the music arrangements for two of the album songs.

2018 Traveled to Marocco as part of "Pulse & Soul Band" to perform at the closing ceremony for  The Youth Forum in the Arab Region.

2019 Claudia was invited to record at the Oman Royal Opera House in Collaboration with Sennheiser technicians for the creation of the New Sennheiser plugging for Binaural (3d) Sound.

2021 Claudia performed at the "Late Nights" at the Dubai EXPO 2020 as part of the "Pulse & Soul Band" 

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